Hong Kong

Hong Kong walks are held six times a year, with four morning, and two evening walks. A typical Mentor Walk gathers around 10-20 Mentors and 30-40 Mentees, aiming to keep a ratio of 2-3 Mentees for each Mentor. March and November walks are larger and include networking.

Mentors span the business, education and not-for-profit sectors, with diversity and flexibility a key strength.

2018 Mentor Walks Asia, Hong Kong Schedule:
Friday, March 2, Central Piers (7:45am-10:00am)
Friday, April 20, Central Piers (7:45am-9:00am)
Thursday, May 17, Central Piers (6:15pm-7:30pm)
Thursday, September 20, Central Piers (6:15pm-7:30pm)
Friday, October 26, Central Piers (7:45am-9:00am)
Friday, November 23, Central Piers (7:45am-10:00am)

To participate as a Mentee, please click on the links above registerTo participate as a Mentor, please contact Stefanie Myers.