The Beijing chapter of Mentor Walks Asia is a monthly series aimed at connecting emerging leaders with established executives in Beijing’s vibrant women’s professional community. Whether held at Capital M or at Ritan Park, each walk offers a 1 hour window for Mentors to connect with a group of Mentees to discuss personal and professional successes, challenges and long-term goals.

The Beijing chapter of Mentor Walks Asia is a joint collaboration between Capital M of the M Restaurant Group, the American, Australian and British Chambers of Commerce in Beijing,  the Australian Embassy along with VIVA and the Beijing Woman’s Network.

A typical Mentor Walk gathers around 10-20 Mentors and 30-40 Mentees, aiming to keep a ratio of 2-3 Mentees for each MentorMentees are young professionals, middle managers, or executives who are starting their careers, experiencing career transitions, or looking for inspiration as they launch new ventures. Please note: Mentees are not students.

Approximately 9 walks are scheduled each year between March—November. The opening and closing Mentor Walks, held in March and November of each year, generally gather a larger group of approximately 100 professionals. While the majority of Mentor Walks are complimentary for all participants, there is a 100 RMB suggested donation for the March and November events, all of which will be donated to a women’s empowerment charity organization in China.

When & Where Do Mentor Walks Take Place?

Mentor Walks in Beijing take place on the second Friday morning (7:45am-9:00am) of each month at Ritan Park. The first and last walks of the year are hosted by Capital M, typically on a Saturday, featuring a walk around Qianmen.

2017 Mentor Walks Asia, Beijing Schedule:

Saturday, March 18, Capital M (9:30am-11:30am)
Friday, April 14, Ritan Park (7:45am-9:00am)
Friday, May 12, Ritan Park (7:45am-9:00am)
Friday, June 9, Ritan Park (7:45am-9:00am)
Friday, July 14, Ritan Park (7:45am-9:00am)
Friday, August 11, Ritan Park (7:45am-9:00am)
Friday, September 8, Ritan Park (7:45am-9:00am)
Friday, October 13, Ritan Park (7:45am-9:00am)
Saturday, November 18, Capital M (9:30am-11:30am)

To participate as a Mentee, please click hereTo participate as a Mentor, please use our contact form.