Mentor Walks China

In BeijingShanghai and Hong Kong, women who’ve learned a thing or two about working and thriving in China lend a hand to their up-and-coming counterparts, while taking a walk in the park.

What’s the first step in founding an NGO? What should you know before setting up a business in China? How do you get your artwork into a gallery? Whether you’re someone with a million questions or someone who has a few of the answers, Mentor Walks is the place for you.

Mentor Walks is a monthly series that connects emerging female leaders with a range of senior women from a diverse professional community. As mentors and mentees walk and talk, they discuss their challenges, successes, aspirations, and lessons learned. Bringing mentorship into the fresh air, each walk is a one-hour window for mentors and mentees to connect and discuss personal and professional challenges and long-term goals.