What is Mentor Walks all about?

Mentor Walks bring together established women leaders and emerging women leaders in our community to connect, learn, mentor and share experiences. It is an informal, non-structured meeting once-a-month, six times a year, where Mentors and Mentees meet up for an early morning walk. It is a one-off dialogue and mentors are not expected to follow up with mentees.

How it works

Everyone meets at the set location for a briefing and then we break into smaller groups and head off to walk for approximately an hour. Each year, the Mentor Walks kick off in March and close in November, with a break during the hottest months of June, July, August. March and November walks are typically large group gatherings.

Who can participate?

Mentor Walks is a female-only event. Participants are split into two groups: Mentors and Mentees.


Whether they are senior executives, thought leaders, or business owners, Mentors are trailblazers in their fields and have broken glass ceilings to achieve their success, whether in China or abroad.

Mentors can be involved in the series as a one-time commitment or as a regular participant and there is no obligation for them to share their contact information outside of the event. Mentors are asked to confirm their participation two weeks in advance of each event. Recognising unexpected cancellations may occur, Mentor names are not disclosed in advance of each Mentor Walk.


Mentees are typically young professionals, middle managers, or executives who are starting their careers, experiencing career transitions, or looking for inspiration as they launch new ventures. While Mentees must have already launched their professional careers in order to participate in the series, there is no age limit on who can participate as a Mentee.

How many people are there at each Mentor Walk?

The opening and closing events, usually held in March and November each year are larger affairs and often involve over 100 people. At the regular monthly sessions there are anywhere between 10-20 Mentors and between 30-40 Mentees. We aim to keep a ratio of 1 Mentor to 2/3 Mentees.

What is the dress code?

Kindly dress smart casual but we recommend comfortable walking shoes; many people must go straight to work after the walk.

Mentor FAQ


1. How can I apply to become a Mentor?

Please contact your local Mentor Walks representative for more information, or contact us here.

2. How often am I expected to Mentor?

As a Mentor, participation can be a one-time engagement, or a monthly commitment. Or anywhere in between. We welcome Mentors at the level of commitment that works with their schedule. We finalize Mentors 2 weeks prior to each walk, and would like to confirm Mentor participation at that time. If you cannot commit that far in advance, we understand; but please don’t let that stop you from joining us! The more Mentors we have signed up for a walk, the better the overall experience will be, and we can also
sign up more Mentees.


There is no expectation to remain in contact with the Mentees after the walk. Mentors are not obligated to provide business cards or facilitate further connections for Mentees beyond the advisory role provided at the Mentor Walk. All Mentors and Mentees are welcome to build their own relationships and keep in touch as you all wish.

Mentee FAQ


1. How can I register as a Mentee for an upcoming Walk?

Beijing and Shanghai – go to the M Restaurant Group website, click the link and sign up on the website. After successful registration you will receive an automatic confirmation email.

Hong Kong – follow us on Facebook to receive registration details for upcoming walks.

2. Is there a fee to participate?

Shanghai and Beijing – We ask for a 50RMB per person donation to participate in our regular Walks at the park, and a 100RMB per person donation for the Kick Off Walk in March and concluding Walk in November, which will be collected upon registration and donated to a women’s charity.

Hong Kong – There is a HK$100 donation request for each walk, collected upon registration or at the door, and donated to a women’s charity.

3. The Walk I want to sign up for is full. What can I do?

Shanghai and Beijing – We encourage you to put your name on the waiting list. Mentees sometimes drop out at the last minute, and if we have an extra space available, a representative of the Mentor Walks will be in contact with you to confirm your participation. To put your name on the waiting list, please go to the registration page of the Walk, and sign up under “Waiting List”.

Hong Kong – There is currently no limit on the number of mentees that can participate.

4. I signed up as a Mentee, but now I can’t make it to the Walk. What should I do?

Please send an email to the organizing committee immediately to cancel your place, so that we can invite a person on the waiting list to attend. If no cancellation notice is given in advance (at least 1 full day), and the Mentee simply does not show up on the day of the Walk, the Mentee will be placed on a blacklist and will be prohibited from attending future Walks.

5. Which Mentors will be at the Walk I’ve registered for?

Unfortunately we do not disclose in advance which particular Mentors will be present at the Walk. This is because Mentors have busy schedules and may drop out at the last minute due to work commitments. All of our Mentors have significant work and life experience and you can be guaranteed to learn something from your match.