Keely Stanley – Blue Ocean Network (BJ)

International Production Manager at Blue Ocean Network

Keely Stanely, a dynamic, multi-dimensional entertainment executive, with a proven track record of success across multiple platforms, has established herself as an award-winning producer, savvy business leader and accomplished international professional who oversees the development and production of projects for both diverse and mainstream audiences. She has created and produced international projects for television, film, and radio. Stanley made her formal entry into the entertainment industry, in 2002, working at Telepictures Productions on the syndicated show, The Jenny Jones Show.

Having the opportunity to work in key media markets such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and now in Beijing; Keely has a deep understanding of media production and the structure of storytelling. The kind of people she would like to meet are ones who are risktakers and most of all, humble. Stanley feels it’s important to understand where you came from and where you want to go.

Keywords: Media & Entertainment, Career Development, Project Management, Interpersonal Communication, Networking

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