Katharina Reimer – Advisor, Change maker, Entrepreneur (HK)

Having started my career in North Africa and the Middle East and having lived in over 20 countries, I am Germany-born and love the challenges of emerging markets. My move to Hong Kong two decades ago enabled me to strive and learn through senior marketing roles in financial services firms. Now I help clients in a very tailored and hands-on approach to navigate the murky waters of marketing and communications considering all new media channels available in this day and age.

The past two decades have equipped me with extensive knowledge in working with both public and financial sector companies in the areas of fundraising, advocacy and marketing communications. Being a passionate advocate for philanthropic causes around women’s and family health as well as education, I have served on several philanthropic committees and foundation boards.

Specialties: Emerging market government liaison. Marketing and Communications counsel. Advocacy. Client relations, business development and project work in frontier and emerging markets. C-level sales and negations. Commercial and pro-bono fundraising.

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