Diana Wu David – Board director, Strategist, Innovator (HK)

Diana David is a strategist and innovator with a focus on helping leaders  to be more entrepreneurial and resilient in the face of constant change. She spent the past decade as a business leader and intrapreneur in the Financial Times’ senior management group, reporting to the board and in charge of developing and delivering the FT’s global strategy. She is  on the boards of Davinci Labs, American Chamber of Commerce HK, Shared Value Project Hong Kong and Teach4HK and previously advisor to NEST.vc.

Diana is a member of the Women Corporate Directors and The Women’s Foundation and past recipient of Asia Society’s Asia 21 Young Leaders award as well as a Luce Foundation Scholar. Diana has an BA from Occidental College and MBA from Columbia University.

Diana brings over twenty years of international experience in business strategy, corporate and venture investment, turnarounds and talent development across the US, Europe and Asia. Early in her career, she worked on high level strategy as a management consultant and began her career as an assistant to Dr. Henry Kissinger at Kissinger Associates in New York.

She launched the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors Diploma in Asia. Developed with Pearson, this is the first global post-graduate course specifically focused on training independent non-executive directors in the skills necessary to make a positive impact on board effectiveness and governance.

Diana has written since 1990 on topics ranging from investing and governance to innovation and travel. She is also the best-selling author of Hong Kong ABC children’s book, profits of which go to Room to Read.

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