Chew Chan Che — J.M Gemini Personnel Pte Ltd (SH)

Chew Chan, or CC as she is more commonly known, spent 10 years as a professional athlete, competed at the highest level for the Malaysian national Taekwondo team. A highlight was being awarded 7th place at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and was ranked 6th in the world in her weight division.

Following her retirement, as she transitioned back into ‘civilian’ life, CC remained close to the sport and the Malaysian Olympic Council and travelled throughout Asia and Europe as a motivational speaker, inspiring students and amateur athletes in seminars for schools and Taekwondo Academies.

Over the last few years CC has combined her passion for people development and training, moving it away from the sports arena and into the corporate office. Having made a huge transition herself, from professional athletics to the corporate world, CC is determined on developing tomorrow’s leaders across Asia and coaching those who find themselves in a period of transition.

Keywords: Career transitioning, recruiting, personal branding, HR, Taekwondo

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